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Swedish Flower Hens

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The most amazing feather patterns come from the “Swedish Flower Hen”. They have a unique history because they were not bred to a specific breed standard by humans.

They are considered a landrace breed as they co-mingled in Swedish villages and interbred amongst themselves creating one of the most diverse breeds out there. White tipped “Flowers” flow off the ends of much of their plumage. Some have conventional feathered heads, and some are crested. They come in a large assortment of colors. This outer beauty, plus a very docile temperament make them highly desirable.

Additionally, they are cold hardy, have cream to beige egg color and large egg size, and will fulfill a dual purpose on your farm, homestead, or backyard. These impressive traits make this breed highly desirable, which is why we have fallen in love with them and put so much time and focus into the breed.


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