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Silverudd's Blue

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A pure bred GREEN egg layer!


The “Silverudd’s Blue” is a purebred layer of green eggs, and bred for egg production. They are cold hardy, and efficient foragers, yet calm natured.

They were formerly called “Isbar” or “Blue Isbar” when brought into the United States in 2012; however, the breed name was changed in 2016 to “Silverudd’s Blue” in honor of the famous poultry geneticist who created the breed in Sweden, Dr. Martin Silverudd.

The breed comes in the blue, black, and splash plumage color pattern. When you think of colored eggs, you might first think of an “Easter Egger”, which is general name for hybrid chickens where "Ameraucana" and/or "Araucana" breeds are crossed with other more conventional breeds. The egg colors produced by "Easter Eggers" will vary depending on how the genetics play out - you may get brown, green, blue, or some variation. Unlike "Easter Eggers", the "Silverudd’s Blue" is a pure breed where hens are consistent in their egg color but shade of green can vary by time of year and bird’s age.

If you want to be a part of the colored egg movement, like diversity in your flock, and ready for a really cool chicken, try out the Silverudd’s Blue. Quality breeders interested in improving the breed are focused on high egg production and creating the greenest egg possible.


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