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Olive Eggers

Olive Eggersoe2

OE 2 shaded


What do you get when you cross a green egg layer with a dark chocolate brown egg layer? That’s right, an olive egg color!

We have “Black Copper Marans”, one of the darkest egg layers out there crossed with our “Silverudd’s Blue”. Here’s how it works…in typical ”Silverudd’s Blue” chickens, they have a blue egg color gene (O-gene) which causes the inner lining of the shell to be a blue color. However, the amount of brown in the outer shell combined with the blue creates the famous green eggs of the “Silverudd’s Blue”. 

Take a moment to peel back the layers of your egg shells, and see what we mean. Add in the darker brown outer shell genes from the “Black Copper Marans” and this creates a beautiful olive green color, and hence, the “Oliver Egger” was created.


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