Our Guarantees:

Health Guarantee:  We stand behind our birds. Whether they are shipped or local pick-up/meet-up, we guarantee the health of your feathered investment! If a bird, no matter if it’s a chick, juvenile, or adult dies in transit to you or within 3 days (72 hours) of when you receive it, we will refund you in FULL for the price of the bird. Photos must be taken and sent over ASAP, but no later than 96 hours after being received or you will NOT be refunded.  If there are extras in the shipment and the number of live chicks meet or exceed your order, then please consider the order complete.  Refund does not include USPS Shipping Cost.
Pullet Guarantee:  If we say it’s a Pullet, we guarantee it, or we will refund you in FULL for the price of the bird, and you can keep the Cockerel/Rooster for FREE. This does not apply to chicks sold as “Straight Run”.  Refund does not include USPS Shipping Cost.
How We Handle Shipping:

Live Poultry:  Generally, we charge $55 for up to 12 chicks through USPS Express Mail within the contiguous U.S.  Adjustments may be needed depending on size and quantity of poultry.  Juveniles (up to 4 in a box depending on size) and adults (1) generally costs $75, but again adjustments may be needed.  We will do our very best to ensure LIVE arrival of all poultry.  To ensure our birds reach you before the weekend, we only ship Monday through Wednesday.  This includes providing sturdy boxes specifically designed to ship live chicks along with a foot pad, Gro Gel, heating pad (when needed), and treats for the journey.  Extra chicks are included when available.  In the instance of transit mortality, please notfiy us within 24 hrs of arrival.

Hatching Eggs:  You can rest assured that your eggs will be packed well for the journey.  We ship 6-11 eggs for $15, and 12-20 hatching eggs through USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes for $20 which includes individual bubble wrapping, additional internal egg flat holders, packing peanuts, fragile handling labels, and NPIP certification information.  The box will be well marked indicating that they are live animals-hatching eggs, so that they are not X-rayed.  You should be prepared to receive a call from your local USPS as the eggs should be picked up at the facility.  Your phone number will be listed on the package, and the phrase "HOLD FOR PICK UP", so that eggs will not be bounced around in a mail truck.  We will provide tracking number for your order.  We have exellent hatch rates at our farm, but unfortunately cannot guarantee hatch rate due to the many factors outside of our control including, but not limited to: package care during transit, and/or incubator quality and incubating techniques.

Minimum Orders:

The minimum order size for chicks and hatching eggs is six (6).     


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