NEW FLOCK ADDITION: The Ultra Rare 'Deathlayer' Chicken

Thursday, 26 October 2017



We are SO excited to bring in a new ultra rare chicken breed to our farm...the Deathlayer (Westfälischer Totleger).  This is a German landrace breed developed more than 400 years ago, and only 1,600 were officially registered in Germany in 2009.  The breed was brought into the US recently by Greenfire Farm.  The coloration pattern is considered "silver penciled".  Roosters weigh 4.4-5.5 lbs, while hens weigh in at 2.6-4.4 lbs.  They lay 200-243 medium-szed white eggs.  They are incredibly beautiful chickens!  These will be offered in extremely limited quanitities.  Contact us if you'd like to get on the waiting list for chicks.


IMG 5419

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