Thursday, 04 January 2018

Bunch's Backyard Poultry wishes y'all a Happy New Year! 

Shake A Tailfeather

Make it a great one in 2018 and add some feathered friends to your life!  Chickens are very relaxing and therapeutic to watch forage and peck around for food.  They can keep you company, and be extremely friendly (depending on breed) if you spend lots of time with them.  They are goofy, friendly, provide your family meat and eggs...the plumage colors and patterns can be really cool.  You aren't limited to conventional white and brown eggs.  There is a diverse array of egg colors out there some of which we have available.  They can be fairly low maintenance if you do it right, and get some helpful advice.  Consider bringing chickens into your life in 2018 if you have not done so already!   



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