Black Copper Marans are lookin' good!

Saturday, 02 December 2017


The Black Copper Marans flock is shaping up nicely.  We have been happy with them in terms of both Standards of Perfection and Egg Color.  We look for copper hackles, feathered shanks, and big beautiful build.  


There are a couple of older hens getting close to 2 years old in the flock, but all others are from this spring or summer.  Some of these hens will be split out to a breeding group with a Silverudd's Blue (a.k.a. Isbar) Rooster.  Those offspring have produced an amazing Olive Egg you can see in a previous blog post.   


This is only about 1/3 of the total flock.  They are all turning out to be big beautiful stocky birds.  A few have started to lay as some are coming of age,  but this flock should be putting out a ton of dark brown eggs in the next month or so.  Love them.

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